Business Philosophy

We are one of the
leading companies
in the sector

Since its founding in 1962, MOEHS has produced Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for the international pharmaceutical industry. 

Thanks to a business history of more than 60 years, MOEHS has considerable technical experience in the production of these substances.

The success of MOEHS is based upon certain key values:

Quality of products and services

which develops trust from our customers, keeping their loyalty and establishing long-term partnerships.

Guarantee of flexibility and reliability

being proactive to the needs of our clients.


a direct result of our strategy on activities such as development, competitiveness and investments on equipment.

The MOEHS group has established itself as a benchmark in the production
for the generic market

The permanent growth and expansion of MOEHS is only possible through consolidationof the existing markets and the continuous innovation of its range of products and services to achieve the double objective of satisfying and retaining its customers.

To carry out this commercial strategy it is necessary to rely on certain bases that form part of MOEHS ‘own culture since its inception:


Cost improvement due to industrial knowledge and experience in the market.

Use of maximum productive capacity.

Continuous optimization of the supply chain associated with the manufacturing process.


Flexibility in logistics.

"Customization" of a compound according to the client's needs.

Prospecting and selection of suppliers.


Supply guarantee.

Use of maximum productive capacity.

Minimization of risks through close communication with the client.

Complete documentary support that covers the client's needs.

Policy backed by compliance with GPM regulations, FDA inspections and numerous audits of our clients.

Environmental policy.


Complete monitoring of the supply chain.

Continuous analysis of the factors of the production process.

Transparency and objectivity in the information towards our clients.

Annual turnover