Comercial Philosophy - Moehs
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Comercial Philosophy

MOEHS group is becoming the standard in the manufacturing of Pharmaceutical actives for the generic market and one of the leaders in the Custom Manufacturing business.

The outstanding growth and expansion of MOEHS on the market segments in which it is present, is only possible through the consolidation of the existing markets and the continuing innovation and range of products and services to achieve a double target: satisfy the needs of customer and obtain their loyalty.

In order to fulfil this commercial strategy, some principles, which have been within the culture of our enterprise since the beginning, have to be considered:

Continuous cost optimization

Cost improvement due to our industrial skills and market experience.

Optimum productive capacity using.

Continuous optimization of the supply chain associated with the manufacturing process.


Logistics flexibility.

Customization of an ingredient according to customer’s needs.

Appropriate prospects and selection of suppliers


Supply guarantee.

Risk commercial minimization by closer communication with customer.

Quality policy supported by cGMP compliance, FDA inspections and many audits from clients.

Security and Environmental policy.


Complete monitoring of the supply chain.

Continuous assessment of the critical factors on the manufacturing process.

Accuracy and objectivity of the information to our customers.