The team - Moehs
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The team

At this time more than 660 people are working in 6 companies that make up the MOEHS group (Iberica, Catalana, Cantabra, Coprima, Benechim and BCN).

Managing the activity of the whole group is the Executive Committee which promotes internal and external training according to the key targets of the Company and the specific requirement of the job, with emphasis on Good Manufacturing Practices, Safety and Environmental programs.

After acquiring BENECHIM in 2008 and the recent construction of MOEHS BCN, MOEHS’ Group is producing in 5 different manufacturing sites and the corporate structure has been adapting to the new situation:
MOEHS IBERICA, S.L.: Company that involves the Management and the common services of the manufacturing sites. It is located in Rubí (Barcelona)
MOEHS CATALANA, S.L: Manufacturing site located in Rubí (Barcelona).
MOEHS CANTABRA, S.L.: Manufacturing site located in Polanco (Cantabria)
COPRIMA, S.L.: Manufacturing site located in Polinyà (Barcelona)
BENECHIM S.p.r.l.: Manufacturing site located in Belgium
MOEHS BCN, S.L.: Manufacturing site located in Barcelona
The 6 companies are interconnected by intranet and videoconference guaranteeing perfect operation of MOEHS group. 5 sites are working in 4 shifts 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, with 2 maintenance shutdowns in summer and Christmas.