Our Quality Policy - Moehs
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Our Quality Policy


MOEHS, as manufacturer of active ingredients, believes QUALITY as of paramount importance for all staff. Our goal is to manufacture products that fully meet the needs of our customers in compliance with the regulatory requirements and legislation in force in our markets. We are strongly committed to the production of quality products that meet the highest standards of quality, purity and efficiency throughout its life.


Therefore, we have established the necessary infrastructure and procedures to support a rigorous quality policy that considers compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients (ICH Q7 and 21 CFR, Parts 210 and 211) as the main reference standard, but not limited to.


We also have a clear policy for the generation, processing, use, maintenance throughout the retention time and destruction, of data records that comply with the ALCOA+ principles, either electronic data or paper data. These represent the basis of our quality system, which ensures the identity, potency, purity and safety of the products we manufacture.


Our quality system is designed and documented, implemented and controlled to give assurance that the products manufactured by Moehs are in accordance with the intended use. All our systems are well documented and are supervised by quality experts, who are independent of Production. The quality unit of each manufacturing site is managed by the Corporate Quality Unit of Moehs Group, which includes, among others, members of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. The Corporate Quality Unit supervises the application of Good Documentation Practices and compliance with international regulations, as well as the correct implementation of the quality system in all the manufacturing sites of the group.


Our company considers human resources as one of the biggest assets. Our qualified and well-trained staff is in constant training to improve knowledge be familiar with the state of the art technologies and the latest regulations. We value the motivation among our staff as an important factor to make them more competent and more aware of Quality.


We advocate for the continuous improvement of all our activities through continuous development, continuous investment and improvement of facilities, and continuous training of all our staff. We always keep in mind the safety of our employees, procedures and work processes, as well as our natural environment. We are in full compliance with the legislation on occupational health and safety, as well as on the protection of the environment.


The General Management is committed to and supports this Quality Policy by taking all necessary decisions in this regard, to devote all necessary resources and human resources, and regularly supervise the activities of the Quality Unit.


We require all staff to follow our Quality Policy and work accordingly. QUALITY IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL US!