Quality Control - Moehs
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Quality Control

Our Quality Control laboratories identify and analyze each individual batch of any starting raw material received from our suppliers according to the specifications and analytical methods defined in our DMFs.

Upon compliance of all analytical requirements, the raw material batch is released to be used in manufacturing processes.

In the same way, every single batch of an API manufactured at MOEHS facilities is tested according to the relevant international standards.

Our Quality Control staff apply the analytical methods and compares to the specifications both issued and approved by the Quality Unit. All analytical data are compiled and detailed in logbooks. We keep these analytical files for 11 years and the retention samples for 6 years.

Upon release of the batch by the Quality Assurance, Quality Control issues the certificate of Analysis and all the labels that will identify the product that will be supplied to customers.

Our Quality Control Laboratories are equipped to analyze any substance according to the different published regulations.