Safety and Environment - Moehs
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Safety and Environment

Nowadays, the respect and protection of the environment as well as the prevention of labour risks are not only a legal obligation but a market demand.

The pharmaceutical industry values more and more the manufacturing of the API in the most sustainable and safest way possible.
The team at MOEHS is conscious of that.

As a main axis of our Company policy, we apply a Safety and Environmental program which encompasses continuous training of MOEHS’ workers through the implementation of internal procedures with the aim of minimizing labour and environmental risks of our manufacturing activity.

We are proud to go beyond the mandated legal requirements in this program focused not only in heightening the awareness of our team during the manufacturing process but also in providing us the most efficient equipment and innovative technology to achieve our goal.


Waste water treatment plants equipped with biological reactors with oxygen injection.

Underground tank park for flammable solvents, explosion proof with leak monitoring and built according to APQ 7 (Chemical Substance Storage Legislation)

Water, acid and alkaline scrubbers for cleaning the emitted gases of reaction to the atmosphere.

Special warehouse for flammable solvents in drums with automatic fire fighting equipment.

Pioneers in implementation of a Waste Management Program.

Monitoring of the emitting points and its quantification in collaboration with local authorities.

Waste water treatment plant with membrane technology.