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BENECHIM SPRL. Rue René Magritte 163 (North Zoning) B-7860 LESSINES (BELGIUM). Tél : 32 (0)68 33 49 13


BENECHIM was founded in 1968.
At the beginning, the company concentrated its activity on marketing of a range of chemical products

In 2007 BENECHIM became integrated to MOEHS GROUP structure. Activity is focused on the production of APIs and Intermediates. Currently, BENECHIM is integrated into MOEHS GROUP structure as one of the production sites.


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Its total area is 48,000 m². The production building has a total area of 3,800 m2, the sewage plant 1200 m2 and 700 m² warehouse. Laboratories, offices and workshop area complete with 1,500 square meters built.

Synthesis and finishing facilities are distributed in 3 buildings :


Hall 1 : Intermediates and technical products


It is equipped with multipurpose reactors enamelled or stainless steel, with capacities from 800 to 4,000 liters, stainless steel centrifuges. The total capacity of reaction is 33 m³.


Hall 2 : GMP intermediates and API


This building is distributed in 3 independent cells equipped with multipurpose reactors enamelled or stainless steel, with capacities from 4,000 liters to 11,000 liters, 6 class D clean room equipped with stainless steel centrifuges operating in accordance with cGMP. The total capacity of reaction is 125 m³

Finishing unit : drying, milling, sieving, packing operations

It is equipped with 5 class D clean room with paddle dryer, biconic dryer, ribbon blender, or tray driers operating in accordance with cGMP


Continous cost optimization

Cost improvement due to our industrial skills and market experience.

  • Optimum productive capacity using.
  • Continuous optimization of the supply chain associated with the manufacturing process.


  • Supply guarantee.
  • Risk commercial minimization by closer communication with customer.
  • Availability of information that enables the use of our product. Full documental support covering all customers’ demands.
  • Quality policy supported by cGMP compliance, FDA inspections and many audits from clients.
  • Security and Environmental policy.


  • Logistics flexibility.
  • Customization of an ingredient according to customer’s needs.
  • Appropriate prospects and selection of suppliers


  • Complete monitoring of the supply chain.
  • Continuous assessment of the critical factors on the manufacturing process.
  • Accuracy and objectivity on the information to our customers.