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Moehs Catalana

Polígono Rubí Sur – César Martinell i Brunet, 12A – 08191 Rubí, Barcelona, Spain -T +34 93 586 05 20

MOEHS Catalana S.L. is located in the town of Rubí, approximately twenty miles north of Barcelona.

The overall facility space totals is 30.000 m², where the production plant takes up about 8.000 m², the finishing facilities (which have been recently expanded) takes 5.000 m². Laboratories space, offices and warehouses comprises 5.300 m².



  • The core of the synthesis area consists of multiuse glass-lined and stainless steel reactors with capacities from 3.000 to 16.000 litres, centrifuges, 2 rectification columns for solvent recovery and vacuum distillation unit at high temperature. Total capacity of reaction is 400 m².
  • A separated building is set aside for high pressure and high temperature reactions, equipped for handling gases like Hydrogen, Chlorine, Ammonia, etc. with the corresponding safety devices.
  • A new building has recently been built to carry out chemica reactions that due to their nature require more containment.




This area has got smaller synthesis reactors and this is where testing of new chemical processes and development of new APIs are perfomed.



The purification area consists of 6 separate crystallization units, automatically programmed, which permits complete monitoring of crystallization and centrifugation stops.

14 units, distributed each one in 5 floors, contains the drying/milling/conditioning area. Each floor is dedicated to a specific process: filling, drying, blending, milling, and/or sieving –using a gravity layout. They are equipped with fluid bed, rotatory and bicone dryers as well as Fizt-patrick and micronizing mills.

All the units are isolated clean rooms equipped with filtered air overpressure, in line with the strictest indications according cGMP.


10.000 KG/H (6 bars)


720,000 KFRIG/H


-1 a 20 bar


-20 a 200 ºC


Total capacity of reaction: 400 m³.