Moehs presents the Chinese version of its product catalog

Moehs presents the Chinese version of its product catalog

Continuing with its strategy of opening to the Chinese market, the publication of its products in the local language is another step for the integration in the sector.

China is already the second consumer country of medicines in the world, only after the United States. Its more than 1.400 million inhabitants are an undoubted attraction for the pharmaceutical sector.

The perspectives presented by the Chinese market are positive in the medium and long term, for several reasons, but especially because life expectancy is growing and therefore the aging of the population will be very relevant in the coming years. It is estimated that a quarter of the population will be over 60 in 2030.

In addition, the purchasing power is also located in an acceptable average to make compatible the consumption of medicines that this aging population will require.

The opening of the Chinese market has made it possible to enter with pharmaceutical products in a stable and staggered way, because product registrations are now much more agile than the two years on average that lasted just a few years ago.

The period of two years of clinical trials and two years of registration was too long for the market to have a major movement of foreign industry, which once solved the times, most large pharmaceutical companies have landed in China.

Moehs has joined this context, opening its representative office in Shanghai, which serves the entire eastern market and involves access to European quality in the development of active ingredients and the trust of a supplier with high safety standards.

With this deployment, we have put all the means to work and we launched our full list of products in Chinese language, to adapt to the market and offer the best service to our customers.

More info -> List of products in Chinese, available on our website.



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