Start a new promotion of the Master of fine chemistry and polymers of the UAB with which Moehs collaborates.

Nueva Promoción Máster

Start a new promotion of the Master of fine chemistry and polymers of the UAB with which Moehs collaborates.

After the success of the initial promotion of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, in January 2019 a new stage begins for students who join the internship, which will last a total of 24 months.

On previous occasions we have talked about the collaboration that Moehs has established since the beginning of this professional Master, reviewing how he was born in 2016 and how the first class has recently graduated.

That is why we want to welcome a new representation of students that in the coming months will be conducting a theoretical training at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​to later join in practices at our company Moehs, among others.

The Master has a duration of two years, from the beginning in January, until December of the following year and involves 3 months of theoretical training and 21 months of practical training integrating into companies. This is the strong point of this postgraduate training and the one most valued by the students, since it is the opportunity for immediate incorporation into the working world.

Therefore, the 2019-2020 Biennium for new students begins, in which they will receive specialized training with a business and industrial vision in one of the two existing itineraries: Fine chemistry or Polymers.

The costs of the master’s degree are assumed by Moehs, for those who choose us as a company to be incorporated into practices, so the tuition for the student is free, in addition to receiving a scholarship for their work that will be 300 euros during the first three months of theoretical training, 900 euros during the next nine months of practice and finally 1100 euros during the second full year in the company. A work model that is very beneficial for all parties and that has a long-term development, which allows for the full incorporation of the student into the company and its participation in all areas.

The next start of the pre-registration period for students will be from June 15 to July 15, 2019 at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

More information about this Master.


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