Coprima S.L

Pablo Picasso, 15 – 08213 Polinyà, Barcelona, España.
Tel: +34 937 131 956

Coprima, S.L. is located in Polinyà 18km from Barcelona and very close to the Moehs Catalana plant.

Its total area is 7,900 m², of which the manufacturing plant is 1300 m² and the warehouses occupy 2,000 m². Laboratories and offices complete the built area with 1750 m².

COPRIMA has been approved by the FDA for the fifth time.


The synthesis facilities consist of multi-purpose stainless steel and enamelled reactors, with capacities from 3000 to 10000 litres, centrifuges, rectifying columns for recovery solvent. The total volume is 61 m³.


The purification area consists of 4 units of finishes, all finished in isolated clean rooms equipped with filtered air overpressure and, obviously, operating in accordance with the cGMP.


2.000 KG/H (6 bars)


350,000 KFRIG/H


-1 a 1 bars


-15 a 150 ºC