Moehs BCN

 Zenc, 12 – 08755 Castellbisbal, Barcelona, España
Tel: +34 935 860 520

MOEHS BCN, SL is the new production plant of the MOEHS GROUP. It is located in the municipality of Castellbisbal, 30 km from Barcelona and 10 km from the Moehs Catalana plant.

Its total area is 28,750 m². The production building has a total area of 4,500 m², the treatment plant 2,210 m² and warehouses 2,930 m². Laboratories, offices and workshop complete the built area with 3,900 m².


The síntesis area ocupéis 3 floors of the Production bilding. It is equipped whit enamelied or stainless steel mult-purpose reactor, wiht capacities from 630 to 10.000 litres centrifuges and grinding columns for solvent recovery. The total volumen reaction rate is 100 m3


The purified area of MOEHS BCN consists of 4 crystallization units and 4 finishing units – all clean rooms class D, equipped with filtered air overpressure – equipped with equipment equivalent to the rest of the group’s plants and operating in accordance with GMP.

Future enlargements

MOEHS BCN’s design has predicted the future growth of the group. The facilities can be extended to a reaction capacity of 300 m³. For this, a 3,300 m³ zone has been reserved next to the Production building.


5.000 KG/H (7 bars)


3500,000 KFRIG/H


-1 a Patm


-85 a 140 ºC

Total reaction capacity: 100 m³.