Moehs Ibérica

P.I. Cova Solera – Roma, 8-12 – 08191 Rubí, Barcelona (España). Tel: +34 93 586 05 20 – Fax +34 93 588 85 13

 Moehs Iberica is the headquarters of the MOEHS group. Moehs Iberica has 138 employees in departments including Accounting/Treasury, Purchasing/Logistic, sales/marketing, Human Resources, IT, Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs, Research and Intellectual Property. It performs corresponding services for each of its subsidiaries and for the group as whole. While it lacks a large comprehensive plant comparable to those of its subsidiaries, its R&D Building house a laboratory and plant dedicated to the production of small quantities of so called Highly Active Potent Ingredients or any other Ingredients for the Pharmaceutical Industry.