Proteos Biotech

Almansa Nº 14, Bioincubadora Building, 1º floor,02006, Albacete. 

Spain. Tel: +34 915 417 000

PROTEOS BIOTECH is a leading manufacturer of enzymes for biomedical use, cell cultures and cosmetics. Our enzymes, such as collagenase, Pz-peptidase, keratinase and subtilisin are produced under recombinant conditions and purified by chromatography.

Our enzymes offer the best quality and purity standards on the market. All our enzymes are biochemically tested in vitro and in cell culture in both primary culture and cell lines. The tests are carried out by independent scientific researchers and certified companies in Europe. PROTEOS BIOTECH guarantees the best level of safety, quality and efficiency of our products.

Detailed information on our products and protocols is available on our website adapted for primary cell cultures such as hippocampus, cerebral cortex, cerebellum, liver, pancreas, heart and stem cells, among others.

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  • Laboratory reagents
  • Research by contract
  • Contract manufacturing
  • PBSerum Cosmeceuticals


  • Full project design support
  • Flexibility to meet your needs.
  • Project transparency with meetings and follow-up reports.
  • Delivery time
  • Successful completion of your Project

Our value proposition

Research and custom development

We provide R&D services for biotechnology, pharmacy and drug discovery companies

Custom production

Custom production of biological products and peptides.


New line of cosmetic PBSerum.