Zeta Pharmaceuticals

2103B West Ferry Way SW. Huntsville, AL 35801. U.S.A. 

Tel:+1  201-930-4934

ZETA PHARMACEUTICALS has a long history of pharmaceutical consulting and importing active and inactive bulk ingredients to the US market.

Over the years, our approach has been to offer a lower-cost alternative to our customers’ existing sources.
With this letter comes the responsibility of presenting manufacturers that meet CGMP and FDA standards. To facilitate this process, we continue to hire the services of FDA consultants to monitor GMP submissions and conduct pre-AFD inspections.

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Our product list continues to expand. Our multilingual staff and the combination of years of experience make ZETA PHARMACEUTICALS an advantageous partner.


ZETA PHARMACEUTICALS can provide the following services:

  • Finished dosage formulations
  • In licenses
  • External licenses
  • CMO – Contract manufacturing
  • CRO – Custom research organization
  • Customized synthesis

Our value proposition

We provide complete logistical support.

Our staff has a lot of experience in managing everything from the consultation and selection process to the packaging and shipping of the product. We have reliable product warehouses and process to support your manufacturing needs.

Receive high quality products at low cost.

We have developed reliable and durable relationships that allow us to monitor and ensure product quality and maintain what makes our business grow, providing these ingredients at an affordable cost.

We deliver on time.

Our warehouses are located and backed up in an advantageous way for all our manufacturers. Our customers enjoy not having to worry about the punctuality of a shipment.

You can communicate with us.

If you have a concern or need, we are just a phone call away and are very responsive to the needs of our manufacturers. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to communicate with someone when they need it.

We know the pharmaceutical world.

Our team has been in the pharmaceutical industry for so many years that it’s hard to keep track. As we grow, we remain equally dedicated to learning and staying ahead of new regulations and trends that affect our industry and its outcomes.

We provide large business service with small business vision.

Each and every one of our relationships with manufacturers and suppliers is the key component of our success as a company. Each member of the of our team knows the value of our relationships and is just a call away for any of your needs.