The Moehs security department conducts practical exercises on fire control and extinction.


The Moehs security department conducts practical exercises on fire control and extinction.

For our company, security is an area of ​​great importance and for this reason we are concerned that all prevention and control measures are up-to-date with any new developments, as well as periodically updating general security plans.

Within the workplace, fires are one of the most serious threats, considering that disasters are potentially the most destructive and that all employees must be protected in the best possible way.

Eduard Lax is the Security Director of the Moehs Group, and has led an intense simulation of all the fire control and extinguishing equipment, our firefighters.

The objective of this type of drills is to prepare and raise awareness among the people who perform them, in order to adopt the most convenient routines of action when facing an emergency situation.

What we have achieved is to test the response capacity of our team and obtain information to update our security plans.

As an example, in an action of prevention and extinction of fires, the objective of the operation is:

  • Detect fire risks.
  • Know basic elements of fire chemistry.
  • Recognize fire extinguishing agents and their application according to the type of fuel to be extinguished.
  • Know the use of different portable fire extinguishers.
  • Know the basic fire prevention measures.
  • Know the basic measures of evacuation of people.

The most important information in which the team is formed is, for example, concepts such as:

  • Basic elements of fire chemistry.
  • Fire classes.
  • Firefighting.
  • Use of extinguishers.
  • Fire prevention techniques.
  • People evacuation techniques.

At Moehs we strictly comply with the regulations on safety and risk prevention and that is why we are constantly updated and alert to any incident.

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