The firm and permanent commitment to the quality of the Moehs group.

The firm and permanent commitment to the quality of the Moehs group.

The group Moehs Ibérica works constantly in the maximum quality of all its activities.

A standard to follow within the policies established by the company, is the manufacture of products that respond and completely satisfy the needs of our customers. Moehs combines the requirements of the GMP standards with the demands of the customers themselves, collecting everything in a single quality policy that is transversal to the organization, which is materialized in an efficient system for the continuous improvement of our services.

Our staff, highly qualified, has a constant training to be constantly updated in terms of new regulations and market technologies. The safety of people, procedures, work processes and our natural environment are among our priorities. We firmly comply with the legislation regarding occupational health and safety as well as the protection of the environment.

Throughout the year Moehs can receive a considerable figure of 80 audits, which can be divided between clients and official bodies. Throughout the first quarter of this year there have already been 31 visits of these characteristics, so the pace of monitoring and updating is important.

We work on the permanent improvement of all our activities through continuous development, stable investment and improvement of our facilities. We are strongly committed to the manufacture of quality products that comply with the highest standards of quality, purity and effectiveness throughout their useful life. Thanks to all this we are more competitive.

The trajectory of Moehs as a group of excellence, confirms the effectiveness of all the efforts carried out, both technical and management, supported by a responsible organization and aligned with the quality strategy.

Check here our quality policy.

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