Update of MOEHS GMP certificates

Certificación GMP

Update of MOEHS GMP certificates

Compliance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards for manufacturers of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients is one of the priorities of our Quality department at MOEHS.

The regulation applies to manufacturing operations of medicines, cosmetics, medical products, food and drugs, in their final forms of sale to the public including large-scale processes in hospitals and the preparation of supplies for the use of clinical trials for the case of the medicines.

They are included within the concept of quality assurance and constitute the factor that ensures that the products are manufactured in a uniform and controlled manner, in accordance with the quality standards appropriate to the intended use of the products and in accordance with the required conditions. for its commercialization.

We have updated our certifications by obtaining the GMP certificate that includes the product DEXMEDETOMIDINE for Norchim, part of the MOEHS group, located in Saint Leu d’Esserent (France).

The GMP certificate has also been renewed for our Coprima plant, located in Polinyà, Barcelona (Spain).

Check here our compliance with the GMP standards: bit.ly/2R3uOOZ



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