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MOEHS was founded in Barcelona by Mr. Melchor Mallasen Ornat, hence the name of the company Mallasen Ornat and Sons. MOEHS was commercially established as a fine chemical manufacturer for the Pharmaceutical Industry.


MOEHS became part of the SANOFI group as the main manufacturing plant located in Spain. MOEHS was part of the chemical division –Sanofi Chimie- for 15 years.


MOEHS was acquired by the American holding company PMC Global, Inc., creating together with other companies a fine chemical structure in Europe.


MOEHS builds a new manufacturing plant in Polanco, Cantabria, and is fiscally reorganized. The first company MOEHS S.A becomes MOEHS IBERICA S.L., being the holding company for the production plant MOEHS CATALANA S.L. and the new MOEHS CANTABRA S.L.


MOEHS acquires the company COPRIMA S.L. located in the province of Barcelona, becoming the third manufacturing plant of the MOEHS group.


BENECHIM S.P.R.L. (Belgium) active since 1977 and NORCHIM S.A.S (France) founded in 1986, join the MOEHS group.


CHEMISCHE FABRIK BERG from Germany, founded in 1953, joins MOEHS. It is the sixth manufacturing plant.


MOEHS acquires 50% of PROTEOS BIOTECH, S.L. (Spain) adding a new subsidiary to the group and entering the field of biotechnology.


It is the 50th anniversary of the founding of MOEHS.


The new MOEHS BCN, S.L. plant, located in Castellbisbal (Barcelona), begins its activity by increasing the group’s production capacity and thus improving customer service.


MOEHS owns 60% of Proteos Biotech S.L.

Creation of a new research and development center: “Moehs Group Research Center”.


MOEHS continues its growth by acquiring the majority of the Zeta Pharmaceuticals company.


MOEHS IBERICA is the headquarters of the MOEHS group. It performs corresponding services for each of its subsidiaries and for the group as whole.

Its R&D Building houses a laboratory and plant dedicated to the production of small quantities of so called Highly Active Potent Ingredients or any other Ingredients for the Pharmaceutical Industry.