Moehs Group Research Center

Polígono Rubí Sur – César Martinell i Brunet, 10 – 08191 Rubí, Barcelona, Spain.
Tel: +34 93 586 05 20

The new Research Center of the MOEHS Group is located in a building of 2,762 square meters near the factory of MOEHS CATALANA, S.L. in Rubí (Barcelona).

The ground floor (1,800 m2) houses the laboratories for the development of synthesis and analysis. The laboratories contain dedicated areas for liquid and gas chromatography, wet chemistry, solid state, high performance instrumentation, laboratory synthesis, kilo-laboratory (reactors varying from 1L to 30L) and high pressure reactions (reactors ranging from 100 ml to 2L and up to 60Bar), leaving free space for future expansions.

The second floor is dedicated to offices for management and the departments of Regulatory Affairs, Toxicology and IP with the aim of further integrating all development teams, leaving a free space of 450 square meters for future expansion.


  • From 2017 | 3000 m2
  • Analytical and process development following quality by design strategies (QbD)
  • Experience in control strategy to support the registration and validation process
  • Management of controlled substances
  • A team of 55 people
  • More than 40 chemists and PhDs.


  • Hydrogenation: 100 ml to 2 liters and up to 60 bar
  • Cryogenic reactions: 100mL to 30L, -70ºC to 185ºC
  • Preparatory chromatography
  • Process safety equipment (OptiMAX, EasyMAX)
  • HPAPIs

Our value proposition

What we offer

  • Selection of pragmatic routes.
  • Development path following quality per design strategies (QbD) 
  • Experience in control strategy to add support to the registration and validation process. 
  • Synthesis and characterization of impurities. 
  • We study the safety of processes carried out internally. 
  • Management of controlled substances
16 lab hoods GMP-KiloLab: 5L, 10L, 2* 30L

GMP-Pilot Plant:
Located at Catalana
Full GMP 

100L, 600L, 2000L, 3000L
GL and SS reactors from 500 L to 3,000 L