Safety and the environment

We respect and protect
the environment

At present, respect for and protection of the environment and the prevention of occupational risks are not only a legal obligation but also a market requirement. The pharmaceutical industry increasingly values the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in the most sustainable and safe way possible. The human team that formed MOEHS is aware of this.

As the main axis of our company policy, we implement a Safety and Environment program that ranges from the continuous training of all MOEHS workers to the implementation of internal rules aimed at minimising the occupational and environmental risks of our productive activity. We are proud to go beyond the demands of the competent authorities and to apply these Safety and Environment programs in the production process, as well as to equip ourselves with the most modern technology to safeguard health and the environment


MOEHS as a supplier of pharmaceutical companies, supports and follows the recommendations of the principles of responsibility of the PSCI (Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative).

Continuous training in Health and Safety from the first moment a worker joins the company.

Process safety studies applied to the entire production process, applying techniques such as DCS, ARC, RC1, dust explosiveness studies, risk analysis (What if ?, HAZOP, ...).

Wastewater treatment plants equipped with biological reactors with oxygen injection.

Park of tanks for solvents, with P-N2 valves, regulated according to APQ regulations.

Alkaline and acid scrubbers for cleaning gases emitted in the production system into the atmosphere.

Warehouse for flammable solvents in drums with automatic fire extinguishing system.

Pioneers in Spain in the implementation of a waste management program.

Assessment and control of the various emission sources in collaboration with local authorities.