Compliance with GMP standards

We monitor compliance of the GMP Standards

Compliance with GMP standards is supervised by our qualified staff. This team manages the different elements of the Quality system, including:

Validation Master Plan

Internal audits

Investigation of Process Deviations

Claims and OOS

Change control

SOPs. Standard Operating Procedures


Supplier qualification

Our facilities are frequently audited by our clients and regularly inspected by different authorities.

FDA inspected sinceLatest FDA inspectionOther inspectionsActivity
M. CATALANA1984May 2018AEMPS-Spain (Nov 2020), Russian H.A. (May 2021), K-FDA(2011), Japanese AccreditationGenerics / CM
M. CANTABRA2010October 2015 AEMPS-Spain (Nov 2022), TGA(2010), Japanese AccreditationGenerics / CM
COPRIMA2001February 2016AEMPS-Spain (Dec 2022), Japanese AccreditationGenerics
MOEHS BCN2019July 2019AEMPS-Spain (Mar 2019), Japanese AccreditationGenerics / CM
BENECHIM2013February 2016AFMPS-Belgium (Jan 2021), Japanese AccreditationGenerics / CM
NORCHIM1989June 2017AFSSAPS-France (Dec 2022), Japanese AccreditationProcess Research CM
C.F. BERG2002June 2018BfArM-Germany (Nov 2020), Russian H.A (Nov 2019),K-FDA, Japanese AccreditationGenerics / CM
MGRC--AEMPS-Spain (July 2020)Development
Generics / CM

Compliance with ICH Q7

Compliance with USP, EP, JP, ND

More than 30 CEPs presented

28 USDMF registered with the FDA