Moehs ar work

Moehs Group maintains its activity under strict security measures for its employees and its centers.

From the very moment that the state of alarm was declared in our country, from Moehs a very structured protocol of action in the field of security has been established that affects all its centers and all the employees who continue to carry out an essential activity in the times that we live.

We want to convey a message of encouragement and tranquility to all the people who are part of the Moehs group and to whom we want to thank for their dedication, their enormous work and commitment and, especially, their motivation to continue working in the fight against the global pandemic.

Due to our significant presence in the anesthetics segment, which are so important at the moment, we are pleased to inform all of our clients that we continue to actively work to avoid any market shortages.

Our thanks to all of our employees and families who are making great efforts to cope with this situation.

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