Students from the first class of the Master's Degree

Students from the first class of the Master’s Degree in Fine Chemistry and Polymers at the UAB have successfully completed their training at Moehs.

The first class of the joint Master’s program launched by the Autonomous University of Barcelona has just graduated, thus closing a very productive and enriching training cycle.

The current labor market is a difficult terrain for recently graduated students and therefore the country’s universities are striving to find new models of practices and to implement policies to promote employability for young people.

One of these models was implemented in the Master’s Degree in Fine Chemistry and Polymers at the UAB, which Moehs promoted from its inception, collaborating in the design of theoretical training with an industrial vision and providing teachers

Thanks to this the students realize a professional master that allows them to go through an integrated training within the company. The binomial University – Business works, since it allows companies to participate actively in the education of future workers and therefore, that their profile is more adapted to the real needs of each sector.

The format is new in the postgraduate market, since it is the company that assumes the amount of the master’s degree and also a scholarship for the student throughout its duration. For the student, therefore, the training includes a complete coverage and his work in practices during 21 months is remunerated.

The students can know in this way what Moehs day-to-day is like, getting involved in long-term projects, and getting fully involved in their duties, so that at the end of the period they will have a full professional experience that will allow them to enter the labor market more quickly.

Two of the first students of this first class to have worked closely with Moehs are Alex Parra and Adrián Villanueva, who have had a very enriching experience:

In Moehs we have worked 21 months fully integrated in the departments and the most important thing is the great work experience we have acquired, which allows us to face the future with great confidence

Internally, this new educational format is also valued in a very positive way:

We received the enthusiasm and talent of the university students participating in the master’s degree, helping to energize our work teams and creating a quarry of very valuable talent”. Jordi Valls, CTO Moehs Fine Chemicals.

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Photo: Cristina Calderer and Manolo Garcia. Diari Ara.

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